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Judith G. Shepherd
"Grammy Shep"
This creative and talented lady has overcome numerous odds to become an internationally recognized entrepreneur. When she started her business, and how she made it successful are part of the "against all odds" story she has to tell. Her insight, and wit combined with her unique style of delivery are refreshing. A "no-nonsense, tell it like she sees it" grandmother comments on a variety of current events. Grammy Shep's perceptions based on her life experiences stimulates an audience to chuckle as they ponder the thought-provoking points and insights she shares.

 When one describes Grammy Shep fear would not be one of the adjectives used. She treads into areas of discussion which are headline news. Subjects like racial and gender issues; ethics; systems of justice, education and health care; the church; the media; politicians; attorneys; doctors; businessmen and women; athletes; and parents. Entwined throughout her presentation Grammy Shep addresses specific social issues including marriage and divorce, parenting, values, responsibility, obligations, and etiquette.

 Judith G. Shepherd is succint, perceptive, and delightful. It is evident that she has earned her Ph. D. in Grandmaology from the "University of Life Experience."

Biographical Information
(Current Stats)

* Founder/President of Charisma Pros Inc.
* Founder/President of Podium Pros
* Program and Meeting Consultant
* Author
* Columnist
* Professional Speaker
* Co-founder/CEO of American Recreation Resource and Education Center, Inc. (ARREC)
* Founder of the Native American Recreation & Sport Institute
* Youth Recreation & Sport Instructor
* Past International President (1992-1994), International Group of Agencies and Bureaus
* Recipient of the prestigious Palmer Award
* Widow, Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother

Other Accomplishments
Graduate of Vanderbilt University School of Radiology Technology
Registered - American Registry of Radiologic Technologists for 35 years
Tupperware Manager
Elected Official of a Youth Football Board *
* Learned the Art of Survivorship as first woman on the Board of Directors

Ancient History

Judith G. Shepherd is a farm grown product of Champaign County, Illinois. She attended a one room school, was a member of 4-H, taught Sunday school, and followed the standard practices of the rural Midwest.

 Following college, Judith's career took her to Indianapolis, Indiana where she met Harold "Sam" K. Shepherd. After their marriage they did the standard middle class couple things; built a home, had a son, and dreamed about retirement. Those dreams were short lived when Sam died just before their seventh wedding anniversary. Their son was five years old.

 Terry Bradshaw, quarterback of the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, once asked Judith how her company came into existence. She responded, "Desperation motivation - I had a five year old son that I wanted to personally raise. I needed to be able to house, feed, clothe, and educate him. To do both required a home-based business. I looked deep within myself, decided on what my natural talents were, and proceeded from that point. In the early 70s, it was quite a task to overcome the odds."

 Shepherd not only overcame those odds, she continued to meet new challenges with the same standards of ethics and sense of responsibilities about children, family, and work place.

 Grammy Shep's perspective about American life as a female entrepreneur, a single mother, and an advocate of "good sense" is, indeed, an interesting and fun learning experience.



Grammy Shep Quotes


"Have you ever considered yourself as opportunity ... knock on some one's door."



"When you forget or you stop serving the customer, you soon have one less customer to worry about."


Female Rights

"I have lost so many of my rights as a woman in the past 3 decades. I'm of the old school. I liked it a lot better when women were on a pedestal instead of fighting for equal rights down here in the muck and mire. It was great being special and so wonderful when men knew that they were to open the door for the ladies."



"It was not unitl I studied and became involved with many of the nations of indigenous peoples of North America that it occurred to me that there is a very long record of broken promises on our shores."



"Have you ever noticed that the folks who allow their cats and dogs to run the streets are often the same ones that cannot tell you where their children are?"

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