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Jacob Y. Flores

photograph of Jacob Y. Flores Jacob Y. Flores of Arizona has extensive experience in providing training programs and in building bridges within the diverse cultural communities throughout the United States. Jacob is a designated trainer for the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Native American Programs. He is also an excellent facilitator for any type of meeting including sessions for corporate executives and upper management.


* "Healing Our Communities From Violence"

* "Honoring The Richness of Cultural Diversity" * "Honoring The Teacher -- Teaching With Honor" * "The Smallest Moves The Biggest" * "Winning The Battle -- Winning The War" * "From The Earth They Come -- These New Leaders"

* Masters degree in Counseling/Psychology from the University of Arizona

* Twenty-five years teaching experience in public school and community college level

* Administrative experience in the Mental and Behavior Health arena

* Director of Student Retention and Substance Abuse Prevention programs as an administrator at the school district level

* Consultant and trainer for national Youth Violence and Gang Prevention symposiums

* Extensive experience working with the Native communities of the United States and Canada

Contact: Charisma Pros, a division of ARREC

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